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Sparky Express

Pneumatikoen Zerbitzu Mugikorra

Pneumatikoen Zerbitzu Mugikorra

Erregularra prezioa $ 75.00 CAD
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Errepideko zerbitzu hau astelehenetik larunbatera 6:00etatik 6:00etara dago erabilgarri. Tel.: (647)-819-0490.

Mobile Tire Service Information

A Canadian pneumatikoen zerbitzu mugikorra available to you when you have a flat tire on the road or at home, and you don't know what to do. Luckily for you, Sparky Express is a errepide bidezko laguntza provider who can assist you in situations like this, with tire changing (your spare tire), or tire repairs. Available in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada.

Pneumatikoen aldaketa

Just let us know where you are, and we will come to you to remove your flat tire and install your spare wheel. Please make sure your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire (donut), and that you have your wheel locks socket in the car. For pick up trucks, vans, and SUVs that have the spare tire in the car, you must have the spare wheel release toolkit in the vehicle, as well. Learn more about our pneumatikoen aldaketa zerbitzua.

Hona hemen adibide bat ordezko pneumatikoa (see image below). Not all the cars are equipped with a spare tire, so if your flat tire is completely destroyed and your car doesn't have a donut, you should call a tow truck.

Spare tire, donut, spare wheel.
Here is an example of wheel locks (see image below). We need these wheel anti-theft keys to remove the wheel that has a flat tire to fix it, or change it.
Wheel locks, anti-theft lug nuts or bolts keys.

Here is an example of spare tire release tools, found in vehicles like pick-up trucks, vans, and SUVs that have the spare wheel under the car, secured by system of cables and pulleys. We need these tools which are unique for each make and model, in order to release the spare wheel from under the vehicle. Please make sure they are in your vehicle before you request this service.

Spare tire release tools found in pick-up trucks, vans and some SUVs.

A Sparky Express Roadside Professional will attend your location, remove the wheel with the flat tire, and install the spare tire on your vehicle. The spare tire will be inflated according to the instructions on the sidewall, and the lug nuts or bolts will be torqued according to the lug nut torque specifications for your particular make and model. The damaged wheel will be loaded by our tech in your vehicle, so you can take it to a tire shop, where you can have a new tire installed. Our tire professional will also provide you with instructions on how to drive and handle the vehicle while the spare tire is installed on your car.

Pneumatikoen konponketa

This is a very convenient pneumatikoen konponketa zerbitzua, available for situations when your tire was punctured by a nail, screw, or similar road debris, and the tire puncture is maximum 0.25 inches, in the crown area.

If your flat tire was caused by a a broken valve or it has a rim leak, or if the puncture has occurred in the sidewall, the tire cannot be repaired on the road, and the wheel must be taken to a properly equipped tire shop, and replaced with a new tire, or have a new valved and TPMS installed.

The image below represents a repairable tire puncture.

Repairable tire puncture caused by a nail or screw.

Our tire repair professional will attend your location and repair the tire puncture on the spot. If the tire cannot be repaired on the road, we will install your spare wheel and load the damaged wheel in your vehicle so that you can take it to a tire shop.

Sasoiko Pneumatikoen Aldaketa

If all your seasonal tires (winter tires, summer tires, all season tires), are pre-installed on rim, we will come to your location to swap them every season. Due to high demand, our sasoiko pneumatikoen aldaketa etxeko zerbitzua is available by appointment only.

Seasonal tire change at home service

Our mobile tire service is also available for Tesla.

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